We lead
the Medical way
in learning

Find the power to change people


Solving Educational Problems
with Medical and AI Technology

Digital Biomarker

Digital biomarker extraction
including gaze-tracking

Mobile Assessment

Digital biomarker analysis
to assess reading skills

Natural Language Processing

Text difficulty rating,
reading contents auto-creation

Thorough Approach

From phonological awareness
to inferential ability


Mobile AI Solution
for Literacy Assessment and Learning

AI Literacy Assistant


Daily Leveled Reading Passages

on real-life, up-to-date issues

Personalized and Adaptive Learning

based on the 6-skills assessment model

Training Games

to improve visual cognition skills


- 2021. 04. Foundation
- 2021. 10. Started joint research with SNU College of Education
- 2022.01 Established ARSO Pte. Ltd. in Singapore  
- 2022. 02. Seed Investment (Naver, Kakao Ventures, Mark& Company)
- 2022. 04. Seed Investment (Lotte Ventures)
- 2022. 05. Selected for the Tech Incubator Program (MSSKorea)
- 2022. 3Q LESSER, the first product, will be launched in Korean


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